Peurakaltio Tallikahvio and Savottakämppä – Wilderness Bed & Breakfast serve you in Ylläs

Wilderness accommodation, sauna, meals or coffee alongside trails? Yes, we can do that! The full-service stable cafe in Peurakaltio is open to outdoor enthusiasts along the popular skiing and hiking trails of Ylläs, north of Kukastunturi, near Äkässaivo and Äkäskero. It’s slightly over 6 km on skis, snow shoes or on foot from Äkäsmylly towards Äkäslompolo in the south.

Peurakaltio Tallikahvio and Savottakämppä

Aakenuksentie 388

+358 40 514 6655

Ylläs, Äkäslompolo

Business ID: 0808050-0 / Check Point Finland Oy

By clicking on the map, you can see our location in more detail.

Aakenuksentie 388, Äkäslompolo

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