Delicacies and accommodation possibilities for skiers and ramblers

In 2022 Spring season, the stable cafe Tallikahvio will be opened in the beginning of February. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Peurakaltio Tallikahvio and Savottakämppä have a long history of providing food and shelter to ramblers and other travellers in the Ylläs area. You can also drive easily to our yard next to Aakenuksentie by car or on a snowmobile. New snowshoe-walking/winter cycling trails have also been made in Peurakaltio! The route comes from Elämänluukku in the south and runs through the gorgeous Äkässaivo pine forests. In addition, two completely new 6 km routes lead north to Äkäsmylly (Äkäsmill). These routes form a 12 km loop, providing a great variety of scenery on the way. The routes offer beautiful views from Äkäskero all the way to Yllästunturi. At Äkäsmylly there is the opportunity to cross the Äkäsjoki river on a bridge overlooking rapids. In spring 2020 there will also be opened a new snowshoe route to the top of Äkäskero. There will be a great scenery to the other hills and in the evenings there is a great possibility to see wonderful northern lights. The route to the top of Äkäskero will be marked in the beginning of February - all other routes are already marked with blue sticks.

For enquiries, please call 040-5146655/Riitta.

Sauna, breakfast and lunch/supper for overnight guests

A sauna is heated upon request for all overnight guests and a comprehensive breakfast is served, with opportunities to make packed lunches. In addition, it’s possible to have lunch and/or supper in the stable cafe. All the products are lactose-free and gluten-free options are also available if needed. Read more about the cafe's menu.

Ski track suggestion

A nice circular ski track of about 20 km runs from Peurakaltio to Äkäskero, from there to Äkäsmylly and then back to Peurakaltio. We recommend this peaceful track in great landscapes to skiers who love nature. New fantastic opportunities for snowshoeing and winter biking are now also available. Get in touch to find out more, we’ll be more than happy to advise you.

See the track map of the area.

The history of Tallikahvio and Savottakämppä

Tallikahvio was only erected at its current location in the 1990s but the building itself is much older. It was originally built as a stable for horses, which is where the name came from. Hot juice and doughnuts were first sold to skiers from the hole in the wall on the Savottakämppä side as far back as the 1950s.

The logging cabin history of Peurakaltio began in 1948 when the cabin was completed. Savottakämppä first functioned as accommodation for the so-called ‘Tens’, i.e. the foremen, with lumberjacks staying in the other end of the cabin. In the post-war years, a lot of timber was required for the payment of war reparations, amongst other things. In the peak period, over 600 men worked at the Aakenusjoki and Äkäsjoki logging sites and there were many logging cabins in the area. Timber was felled and taken out of the forest from November until the end of March along frozen paths on horse-drawn log sledges to large storage areas along the rivers. As soon as the spring floods began, the timber was rolled into the water and floated down the stream. A dam was used to regulate the amount of water flowing in the rivers.

Dozens of men lived in the cramped cabins. The women lived on their own side and fed the men through holes in the wall. In the daytime during the winter, logging work was done, and in the evening tools were put into order and other evening jobs were done. Card games were played too. A lot of local people, but there were also men from further away. Sometimes, even criminals came to work in the camps to escape captivity. To catch the fugitives, border guards paid visits from time to time to lumberjack cabins. In Peurakaltio, logging ended in the 1960s. An abundance of logging tradition can be seen at the Kellokas Nature Centre.

Get in touch if you want to hear more about the activity of the café

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